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Happi Use Cases

So much more than just a survey app...

Happi’s standard approach of providing material and emotional rewards to people for responding to 5-question surveys can be applied to broad range of use cases. As a hybrid insights / activation platform, Happi also enables clients to integrate functions and disciplines that were previously siloed. We want everyone to be happy, so, if you have a use case in mind that you don’t see listed below, please reach out and let’s discuss if we can help.

Consumer Insights


This is the most obvious and common usage of Happi. Clients use Happi for short surveys to precisely targeted consumer segments in one country or ten, in English only or in local language in every country, with text only or incorporating rich media. The Happi survey engine’s sophisticated segmenting engine enables deeper questioning targeting people who gave specific responses today, next week or 6 months from now. That’s the advantage of daily conversations versus drive-by surveys.

A/B Testing


Every question on Happi can support a hyperlink, which can bring up a video, sound file or an image of multiple product packages, jingles, or advertisements. Users can then comment on which they liked or understood better and refer back to the media on every subsequent question.

Concept Testing


Before even producing a product or advertising to support it, clients use Happi to ask consumers how they feel about a value proposition, if they perceive a benefit in the new offering, if they would take that new product in addition to or instead of what they currently buy, and/or if they understand the product concept.

Ad Testing


Before spending big money on a print, radio or television ad campaign, clients use Happi to show targeted consumers the ad and ask if they understood, believed, and/or can remember the USP of the product or message of the ad. Those same people can be asked both immediately and days later to test recall.

Brand Communities


Happi helps clients develop, manage, and operate brand communities. These can be either closed communities, meaning those people don’t receive questions from any other source or open communities. Closed communities are supported for a flat monthly fee, the client can ask an unlimited number of questions to their community, and the client pays for the prizes and charitable donation to the cause the client determines. In open communities, clients pay just for the responses to their questions and Happi pays for the prizes and makes the donations to the responder’s charity or community group of choice. Participants can respond to surveys, submit video responses, or go on missions like mystery shopping, focus groups, or new product samplings.

Daily Diaries


Happi can send the same question to the same people everyday to make it easy for the responder to participate in daily diary programs. “What did you serve for dinner tonight” or “how was your phone reception today” can be sent to the same people, at the same time of day, at any interval. GPS enablement would also enable location triggered diary questions like “how was your shopping experience today?”

Focus Group Recruitment


Recruiting precisely profiled people for focus groups can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Not on Happi! Just ask people who meet the profile if they would like to participate, let those who say yes tap on a link to a scheduling page, and they can register for the session at the time and location convenient to them. Fast, easy, and a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment methods.

Consumer Activation


There’s a delta between what people say they would do with an offer and what they actually do. Clients use Happi to qualify people who say they would be interested in an offer, then deliver the offer, then follow-up by asking those who took the offer how they liked it and those who didn’t why not. We call this a Happi Hug. Deeper insights than digital advertising can offer and deeper validation than a survey alone can provide.

Product Sampling


One of the advantages to Happi’s user acquisition method is that we have partners on campuses and in communities across Asia. These student groups and community groups can receive shipments of product samples and distribute them to the targeted Happi users in their community. Happi can then survey those people after product usage to ask their opinion on the product.

Another approach is to send the targeted Happi users a coupon via the app. The user can then bring that coupon to a local store or restaurant to get the product sample. Happi can then survey each user after the coupon has been redeemed.

Video Surveys


From job interviews to product testimonials, sometimes video is worth more than a million survey responses. Happi users can tap on a link and connect to a video recording platform which provides clients with fast, easy, and efficient asynchronous video interviewing capabilities.

Gateway to Other Studies


From quant to qual, clients can use Happi to identify users appropriate for a deeper F2F, focus group, biometric or implicit study and invite them to engage with that study.

Campaign Effectiveness Measurement


Happi knows what media our users consume, we know trains they ride, we know their device IDs, and, therefore, we know what ads they are likely to have seen. Clients can use Happi to ask these people if they remember seeing or hearing an ad and then test for comprehension and credibility. This can be done during a campaign so media placement decisions can be altered on the fly rather than after the budget available for a campaign has already been spent.

Teacher-parent-student-administration feedback loop


For school administrators, Parent Teacher Associations, or even school faculty, a closed-circuit feedback loop that enables targeted questions to go to students, their parents, and/or their teachers can enable a better education experience for the student and better management decisions for the school. Happi can enable this and, best of all, it would be not just free, but even generate money for whatever cause the school designates.

Political surveying


Media and analysts can use Happi to survey voters on any political topic. Political parties can be come Happi partners, encourage their supporters to download Happi and select their party’s group as the partner they support and then the party can survey their own supporters free of charge and actually raise political funding from Happi for every consumer brand survey their supporters answer.

Employee Engagement


As a supplement to the annual employee survey, Happi can be the HR department’s platform for pulse surveys on any topic at any time. The platform can be free to the HR department and employees will be incentivized to respond knowing that their responses are anonymous, they stand chances to win prizes for every response, and each response goes to supporting the CSR cause the company designates.

On-Campus Recruitment


Happi’s recruits large numbers of university students in each country. This makes Happi an ideal platform for early talent recruiters to understand and converse with students to both educate the student about that company and identify those students the client wishes to interview. Interview invitations can be sent via Happi.

Employer Brand Measurement


Be it university students or people already in the workforce, Happi can help a client understand how specific segments of a population perceive that company’s employer brand both in absolute terms and relevant to whatever group of talent competitors the client wishes.

Membership Surveying


For associations, chambers of commerce, or even junior sports leagues, understanding how members perceive the value of their membership and participation in a group and, better, quantifying what the group would like the group to do more or less of are imperative. Happi can provide structured data to support or augment the anecdotal evidence organization leaders see and individual feedback the receive. This data can be shown to the membership to explain why decisions or actions are necessary. Again, Happi can enable the organization to use Happi free of charge while their members receive prizes and money is raised for whatever cause the organization designates.

To discuss how you can use Happi to meet your objectives, contact us for a free consultation.


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