By Greg Lipper • April 6, 2018Comments

Emerging Market Consumer Focus

90% of the growth in both GDP and population forecasted by the International Monetary Fund will come from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. 

And, yet, 85% of the US$44 billion dollars spent on market research in 2017 was spent in North America and Western Europe.  

So, we see 85% of the client spend on market research focused on markets demographically challenged for growth and only 15% spent on regions where growth is demographically inevitable. 

We see this as a huge disconnect and, now that the proliferation of smartphones can overcome previous challenges to conducting research in these countries, a huge opportunity.  Brands that survive the next 10 years will see 50% of their consumption come from consumers they don't know today.  Most of those new consumers will come from regions of the world with young populations, growing economies, and an expanding middle class. Happi's strategic objective is to cover every major country in these emerging growth regions. We want to be the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and most versatile insights and engagement platform for brands to understand, engage, recruit and converse with smartphone using consumers in emerging growth regions and nations.

We aren't going to do it by creating subsidiaries, renting offices, and hiring staff in every country. We are going to do it by developing a technology platform and global network of partnerships with market research firms in each country. We already have 10 covering South East Asia, ANZ and Colombia.

Our partnership model is simple. The local market research partner funds the prizes and donations in their country, we fund the technology and global network development, the local partners sell locally, we sell globally, we share the revenue generated in and from each country.

If you'd like to discuss bringing Happi to your country, please reach out to us at hello@happi.sg

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