By Greg Lipper • April 6, 2018Comments

Pay Per Response (PPR) Pricing Benefits

One of the many unconventional things about Happi is the way we charge. In the market research industry, pricing is often broken down on a cost-per-interview, cost per project basis or cost per survey, with separate charges for survey programming, incidence rate premiums, length of survey and other factors.

We think simplicity makes people happy, so Happi wants to make things simple for clients. We bundle the cost of panelist recruitment, survey programming, mobile optimization advice, response collection, panelist incentives and report creation into one all-inclusive PPR (Price Per Response). A response is one response to one question from one Happi user. 500 people responding to 10 questions creates 5,000 responses.

Each response costs money in terms of the charitable donations and prizes users win, so we charge for each response. We enable clients to produce reports that present responses only from people who completed every question available to them, but every response is billable. This includes disqualifying responses to qualifying questions.

To mitigate cost of qualifying the sample, Happi allows clients to use the registration and profiling data we gather on each user to target surveys and avoid unnecessary profiling questions. However, when qualifying needs go deeper than our general profiling, it is advisable to run two campaigns: qualify and query. The qualify campaign identifies the sample, confirms they are actively responding to surveys, and enables the client to develop a much better estimate of total time and cost to complete the campaign. There's no additional cost to splitting the same number of questions into two separate campaigns. Another benefit is that we can leave the qualify campaign running to build up a qualified segment for the next query campaign.

Happi is not a full service market research firm. We are a platform provider used by full service market research firms and some clients that want to buy just the data collection service and are happy to create their own surveys and do their own analysis. Since the deliverable we offer is survey responses, we think the fairest, most precise, and most granular way to present pricing is on a PPR basis. We recognize this is a different approach, and we hope you will understand the reason and benefits.

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